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Eric Chatelain

Eric Chatelain


Eric Chatelain graduated with a PhD in Biochemistry in 1993 at the INSA Lyon, France.
Following 5 years in the academia (ICRF, London, UK and FMI/Novartis, Basel, Switzerland) as a
Research Fellow, he joined the pharmaceutical industry (Spirig Pharma AG, Switzerland) in
1999. Focus was on Dermatology R&D and Eric Chatelain led the Biopharmacy Research Lab
(till 2003) before heading the Pre-clinical Department (till 2007). His activities led to major
projects being taken on board for further clinical development.

Since joining DNDi (Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative) in 2007, Eric’s main role is the
management of various projects/teams around the world working on the development of new
drugs for neglected diseases. Under his leadership up to 10 preclinical candidates were
delivered for visceral Leishmaniasis (VL) and Chagas disease, some of them currently being
assessed in human. Until mid-2009 he was responsible for all screening/early discovery
activities before joining the Chagas disease team and taking on responsibility for all Chagas
discovery and preclinical projects. During that period he was responsible for the development
for high-throughput screening assay (HTS) to assess compounds for their activity against
Leishmania and T. cruzi, the pathogens involved in VL and Chagas disease respectively and led
DNDi global current effort in lead optimization for these diseases with major and recognized
institutions in Australia, Brazil, Europe and South Korea. In 2011 he played an essential role in
restructuring of DNDi lead optimization programs and now co-leads the entire DNDi lead
optimization effort. Eric is also leading DNDi Chagas Biomarkers strategy and its
implementation, as well as translational projects to improve understanding of PK/PD
relationships and more efficient transition of compounds into clinical trials.